The Bride

Erna Syafina , 26 years old, eldest of 2 siblings. She is very outgoing and adventurous. Enjoys finding new things to try and will be the one planning random trips or things to do. On top of that, she is also a very sociable person. I love that she always puts family first before anyone or anything else. She is a very affectionate girlfriend. She loves to eat Japanese food(before this her favourite was Italian food)(her favourite thing changes frequently). Not only that she has the look but she is also very intelligent. Graduated with a Masters in Architecture from Kent University. Loves her job and very passionate about her work. Erna is also very ambitious I know that one day she will be a successful architect. She also loves to travel to places with scenic views and of course to visit famous architecture buildings. She makes me laugh even in the worst situation. I am very lucky to have someone that appreciates me for who I am and always support me in whatever I decide to do since the beginning. Last but not least she never gets bored of hearing about my day.

Fun Fact

She is scared of chilli sauce on its own. Would not dare to even touch it. Hates the smell of cucumber. Eats bean sprouts on its own but not when it’s mixed with other things. We have different opinion when it comes to food. But that is how we get to try new things from each other.

- Written by Hardin


The Groom

Hardin was born on the 30th January 1991, and is the eldest out of three siblings.He is a joyful person who is loved by everyone around him.He gets along easily with everyone of all ages, from kids to elderly. It is hard to see him with a frown on his face.He is a caring son, brother,friend and fiance’ who is selfless and always puts everyone else before himself. He will go out of his way to help others who are less fortunate than him even if it means that he has to sacrifice something of his own.He is a determined and ambitious person and is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone. Being highschool sweethearts, Hardin has always been there for me since I was 15 and never fails to take care of me. Even after 12 years,he goes along with any crazy, random, impulsive ideas that I make within reasons. He is the person I talk to about my worries and problems. The person I talk to, first thing in the morning and the only person who understands the line of work I’m in which requires me to sacrifice most of my time for work. Never once he complains about me being an architect. He makes me laugh and lift me up at times when I feel like giving up. Hence,it is safe to say that I am very grateful and lucky to be marrying my best friend.

Fun Fact

Despite being born into a family of half Chinese, Hardin enjoys traditional Malay food which includes ‘ulam-ulaman’ and umai (sarawak traditional ceviche) and dislike cheese; any type of cheese is a big no for him(unless on pizza). Growing up, although he is not lactose intolerant, he does not drink any type of milk. That is his weakness.

- Written by Erna


Our Story

Erna and Hardin met in the state library for the first time. You can say it was love at first sight.

They’ve added each other on Friendster and MSN Messenger and exchanged numbers. Hardin initiated their first conversation via text message during the first day of Raya.

Hardin met Erna’s parents for the first time. And invited her to an event.

Fast forward to 2017 after all the ups and the downs,going through the transition from highschool to universities, long distance, part time jobs,birthdays,anniversaries and everything that happened in between.

Erna and Hardin got pre-engaged (bertekul, a Sarawakian custom of asking both parents for the agreement of their union) (also known as engaged to others)

Both sides decided on a date for the wedding.

Full on wedding planning mode for both sides.

Hardin decided to plan a surprise proposal for Erna on her birthday eventhough they were already engaged, in order to make it more memorable and special.

The day we will officially become husband and wife.



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Event Details

Sanding / Reception

1st September 2018
6:30pm - late
Borneo Convention Centre Kuching

Dress Code

Formal (suit and tie,long dress or batik wear)
Malay Traditional (pastel colour)


Contact for enquiries please email



Recommended places to stay in Kuching.

Hotels (within Kuching City)

1. Waterfront Hotel (on top of a shopping mall and facing the waterfront).
2. Riverside Majestic Hotel (facing the waterfront).
3. Grand Margherita Hotel (facing the waterfront).
4. Merdeka Palace (for two or three bedroom apartments).
5. Ranee boutique Hotel (facing the waterfront).
6. Marian Boutique Hotel.
7. UCSI Hotel (near to the wedding venue but far from the city) (for those who comes a day before).

Airbnb / Apartments

1. Riverbank Suite.
2. Ariva Gateway.
3. Citadine (opposite a shopping mall).
4. Vivacity (on top of a Viva City mall) (5 mins away from the center of Kuching).
* For other apartments please search on airbnb.



Things you can do in Kuching, Sarawak.

1. Hike to Bako National Park.
2. Walk around Kuching city.
3. Take the sampan (small boat).
4. River cruise.
5. Kayaking.
6. Cave exploring.
7. Cultural Village.
8. Hike Mount Santubong or Mount Serapi.
9. Visit Semenggoh, Orang Utans.
10. Crocodile farm.
11. Waterfall
12. EAT!



A must try:

• Mee kolok (Mee kolok Hj Salleh, Nuromen).
• Laksa Sarawak (mdm tangs, chong choon, swee kang).
• Rojak Cucur Ayam (Rojak Kuchei).
• Seafood! Eg. butter prawn, salted egg crab, ochian (oyster pancake) (topspot, rockroad, muara tebas, buntal).
• Midin belacan, Linut, Umai, ulam (lepau).
• Ice kacang and cucur udang (dessert) (Swee kang, old rex cucur).

For the non halal food, recommendations by the locals:

• Bak Kut Teh (Goh Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh).
• Laksa Sarawak recommended by Anthony Bourdain (Choon Hui).
• Pork Ribs (Howdy).
• I.P.H. Roasted Cafe.